New Product Offering for Trim Collection Systems

  • Save on air conditioning bills!
  • Stop costly system plugs and poor bale quality due to static electricity and condensation!
  • Spruce up that unsightly rusty cyclone or unsightly oxidized galvanized piping!
RBC-2000TM Radiant Barrier Coating is easily applied to outdoor collectors, such as cyclones, fans filters and ductwork to prevent heat build-up and cold weather condensation and troublesome static electricity. It is an excellent water sealant which is critical with trim systems. Some customers have seen noise reduction effects as well!

This product is inexpensive (typical application $5,000-$10,000) and can result in a 10% reduction in radiant heat gain.

Unlike standard insulation which is expensive to purchase and costly to apply, this liquid coating is a combination of space age polymers and ceramic materials that can be easily tinted for industrial safety applications or to match the surrounding environment.

It provides personnel protection from hot surfaces and easily adheres to primed galvanized surfaces.

Delivery is generally within 2-3 weeks and applications can occur on a weekend at the customer's convenience.

If noise is a problem, perhaps we can assist you with fan enclosures to lessen motor noise, elbow padding to muffle material noise, or ductwork silencers to reduce that vacuum sound at equipment pick-up locations.

Proudly offered by FLOM Corporation.
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