Used Equipment Opportunities Skyrocket!

The Printing Industry is going through chaotic times, to say the least, and we are attempting to continue our role as a partner as we strive to assist you in the handling of waste paper, improving your operation's efficiency, and maximizing your waste paper revenues. While the downturn has a great deal of negativity attached to it, there are some real positive effects as well. The availability of used equipment and the opportunity to purchase recycling equipment at 40% of new value is exciting. Flom Corporation has two programs available to you:
  1. Auction and Dealer Consultation
    Quite simply, we will find equipment and act on your behalf to purchase it at regional auctions and directly from dealers who purchase equipment at similar auctions. Then we find a qualified rigger to remove it and three companies in your area that specialize in refurbishment and select the most economical alternative. Finally, we will inspect it and make sure that it will then arrive at your facility ready to operate. We will send you a quote outlining our fees up front and make sure that you get you get a real handle on your costs. In the end, we would then like to make this equipment work for you as a part of a comprehensive Flom Recycling Program.
  2. Turnkey Refurbished Systems
    As we are constantly upgrading our own customers' systems, we have a large inventory of used equipment available and can also utilize this equipment taken in on trade for larger production units as a means to save our prospective or other existing customers a great deal of money. We offer limited warranties and use our own technicians to install it for you after our design staff assures us that it fits the application properly.
"Service and Repair Needs Never Go Away"

Just because business is off and the future seems a little uncertain, don't let your service of the recycling equipment suffer as well. Minor preventive maintenance performed by a trained technician can save you thousands of dollars in the long haul. Don't forget that balers need their oil and oil filter changed just like a truck or fork lift and baler liner replacement can prevent costly cylinder and floor rework. Fan bearing neglect can lead to wheel and shaft damage for your trim fans and result in downtime. Plugged Filter bags are the single biggest source of low suction and messy baler areas. Call us today and let us monitor and advise you about routine maintenance. If you have a limited maintenance staff, perhaps a service program is right for you. Whatever you do, don't allow a minor job to become a monumental project but if it does, we also provide for on site or off site complete baler rebuilds.

Remember it's the little things…

The Flom Corporation would like to remind you that we have a host of little items that can make your recycling system perform at its optimum level:
  • Clean Out doors with clear lexan covers for easier access to clogged pipes
  • Feed chute divert valves to allow you to operate even if your baler is down
  • New filter bag materials and complete baghouse service
  • Static abatement and insulation of outside equipment
  • Velocity and pressure meters and plug detectors
  • Noise Reduction
  • Safety ladders, cages, and access platforms
  • Repainting and repair of unsightly or damaged equipment or ductwork
  • Reliable affordable baling wire
  • Design, Training, and Maintenance assistance online or by telephone as well as on site support (Weekends and holidays are not a problem)

Remember that we are the experts in under-the-roof system design at the most competitive prices. Check out our vastly improved low profile separators with easily replaceable internal screens and single bag low maintenance drum filters at

and of course…

Flom Corporation continues to provide the same dependable service for marketing your waste paper and financing systems from your revenues including upgrades and trade-ins.

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