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Free Recycling Audit

Flom Corporation's philosophy is: an effective recycling program is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. In keeping with this approach, the imperative first step is for one of our representatives to assess all aspects of your business' current recycling program.

Points of analysis include:

  • Plant Space Availability
  • Dock Space Availability
  • Types of By-Products Generated
  • Waste Removal Efficiency
  • Plant Costs and Labor Availability

Once data on these items have been reviewed, our team will make improvement recommendations specifically for your manufacturing facility or warehouse.

Waste Reduction

Reducing disposal costs and converting your waste into revenue streams is an important part of any plant's recycling process. Diverting papers, plastics and metal from landfills helps serve that dual purpose. Flom Corporation will analyze your waste stream with the goal of reducing it. Additionally, we will provide guidance in reducing hauling costs through compactors and other material reduction equipment.

Recycling Revenue Optimization

Your recyclable commodities can be worth much more then what you are currently receiving. Flom Corporation will work with you to ensure you receive fair prices and the appropriate grades for your materials. Segregation of paper types will be explored and encouraged only if feasible within the specific manufacturing operation being analyzed.

Equipment Design and Installation

Since 1988, Flom Corporation has been an innovator in the custom design and installation of baling and air systems for trim collection. In many instances, our systems include: shredding, dust collection and dust briquetting for easier disposal. These systems will not only improve revenues received on recyclables but will also expedite the waste removal process within your manufacturing facility. There are many moving parts in an air conveyance and baling system and over time they may become outdated due to your plant's growth or new technology. In addition to design and installation, our affiliate Balers and Stuff provides our generators of recyclables with FREE baler and air system consultation as well as new product information and recommendations. Balers and Stuff also offers maintenance and equipment repair access as needed.

Equipment Finance Options

Flom understands that funding for Capital expenditures can be limited within an organization. It is for this reason that we have developed a capital structure which provides a means to finance system installations, revisions and repairs for our customer base. Payments are generally made through recycled paper shipment proceeds. In most instances, the monthly incremental increase in revenues due to a baling system installation or upgrade pays for the equipment. This allows the generator to maintain the same cash revenue stream for their recyclables while paying for and enjoying the full benefits of their recycling equipment.

Online Reporting

Our specially designed software offers timely and detailed reporting. Through our Online Reporting System, our suppliers have access to grades, weights and per ton pricing on every shipment. Flom Corporation's goal is to provide transparency and allow each supplier the convenience of tracking their revenues week in and week out. (Web Portal Coming Soon - Currently Under Construction)

Flom Corporation is the recycling partner you need.

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